Fictional Cop Lyfe

Unfollowed two people who were really starting to annoy me.

Feels good man.

I really need to use this URL for something better one day.

I’m still not completely used to being friends with extroverted people who have a ton of other friends.

It feels like I’m just a throwaway sometimes.

A disposable friend that can be used until someone better replaces them.

Why would you ask to talk to someone then ignore them for the sake of talking to other people.

Okay just because someone has a (typically) masculine name does not automatically mean they’re a boy.

There’s a girl at my school named Spencer.

My name’s gender neutral, does that make me both sexes???

I never understood why they so strictly enforce the no hats rule at our school but all of the other rules of the dress code basically don’t matter and anyone who breaks them gets off scot free.


Today has just been an all-around shitty day and my period started too.

Somehow I wouldn’t be surprised if the OP of that short hair post was the bitch at my school who called me a dyke for my short hair today.

She threw a huge fit because I told her she was doing an experiment in Biology wrong and it was messing up the results. She acted like a three year-old and wouldn’t participate in the rest of the experiment all because of that one thing. Well, it was her grade, not mine.

Then she’s going to skip off and talk about me to her little friends. I wasn’t sure if she knew I could hear her but w/e.

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